Expand your customer base

Use My CityBIZ Startup and empower customers to become your brand advocates.

Enable user-generated content (UGC) to inspire new and current users to express themselves and influence others in their community through content, Comments, and Reactions.


Interactions that matter

Strong online community engagement is crucial for any successful brand.

My CityBIZ Startup enables your users to create communities and bring in more people to talk about the things they love.


Increase engagement and retention

The more engaging your app, the higher its retention levels.

My CityBIZ Startup allows you to innovate around brand and user content through a seamless in-app social integration to create a lasting connection with your users and their communities. 


Unlock new revenue streams

Because My CityBIZ Startup is scalable and easy to integrate, you will surely find ways to utilize in-app communities for monetization.

My CityBIZ Startup solutions can help promote your app and turn it into a white-label community platform.

Promote new features through Official and Private Groups and API-powered Newsfeed that allow users to connect with communities that also love your brand.