Grow online sales with social commerce

Transform online shopping into a rich and engaging experience by implementing in-app streaming and video features.

Let in-app live stream revolutionize the way you sell

Live streaming is becoming one of the most popular formats for selling goods.

Interactive and fun, short videos introducing or reviewing products help bring them to life and put some of that "in-store magic" right into your customers' screens.

Live stream events and interact in real-time

Replicate in-store buy and sell experiences in your app by integrating the Live Streaming feature (optional) and Unified integrated shops(optional).

Drive more sales by enabling an in-app Live Chat feature that allows you to answer questions, while a live video broadcast lets you capture customers' interests so you can convert them instantly.

Allow your customers to help you sell

Research indicates consumers are more inclined to buy a product if they see others recommend it.

Social commerce allows customers to promote goods by sharing, liking, and commenting. Seeing other customers purchase and interact with products will only make them more attractive to other buyers.